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​NAEAA Board of Directors 
  • Chair: Sara Mastellar, PhD, Ohio State ATI (2020) 

  • Vice Chair: Grey Parks, MS, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (2019)

  • Secretary: Jessica Suagee-Bedore, PhD, Sam Houston State University (2021)

  • Treasurer: Lena Luck, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2022)

  • Leslie Janecka, BS, Kentucky Equine Management Program (KEMI) (2016)

  • Rebecca Splan, PhD, Delaware Valley University (2019)

  • Betsy Greene, PhD, University of Arizona (2021)

  • Karl Hoopes, DVM, Utah State University (2021)
  • Aubrey Jaqueth, PhD, Wright State University (2022)
  • Crystal Smith, EdD, West Virginia University (2022)
  • Katheryn Cerny, PhD, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (2023)
  • Michelle Kibler, PhD, Illinois State University (2023)
  • Danielle Smarsh, PhD, Penn State University (2023)


Information about joining the Board can be found in the call for board nominations.

Leadership: Board

Advisors to the Board

  • Executive Director: Karin Bump, PhD, (2007)-(COO)-(Organization Co-Founder)

  • Tim Williams, MBA, Equine Academics and CJC Adventures, LLC. (2007)-(CFO)-(Organization Co-Founder)

  • Preceding Board Chair: Rebecca Splan, PhD, Delaware Valley University (2019)


Rebecca Splan (Co-Chair)

Cory Kieschnick (Co-Chair)

Aubrey Jaqueth
Betsy Greene

Amy Burk

Karl Hoopes
Jacquelyn Bowser
Trinette Jones

Lena Luck

Karin Bump

Sara Mastellar

Tanja Hess

Crystal Smith (Co-Chair)
Michelle Kibler (Co-Chair)

Lauren Klehm

Amy Burk

Olivia Watson


Jessica Bedore (Co-Chair)

Camie Heleski (Co-chair)

Grey Parks

Sarah Rigg

Karin Bump

Jenny Ingwerson-Niemann

Courtney Berne

Lindsey McNeill

Leslie Janecka

Tanja Hess

Shea Porr

Heather Mackenzie


Danielle Smarsh (Co-Chair)

Lena Luck (Co-Chair)

Cory Kieschnick

Jennifer Earing
Sara Mastellar

Michelle DeBoer

Olivia Watson

Lindsey McNeill

Lauren Klehm


Crystal Smith (Co-Chair)

Leslie Janecka (Co-Chair)

Casie Bass
Katheryn Cerny

Karen Wimbush

Janice Holland

Lillian Esterl-Byrne

Rebecca Splan (Co-Chair)

Lena Luck (Co-Chair)

Amy Biddle

Jill Stowe

Kim Cole

Clarence Edward Ferguson

Morgan Pyles

Jessica Carvalho Seabra

Crystal Taylor



Previous NAEAA Board Members

  • John Madden, John Madden Sales-(Founding Board Member)

  • William Schurg, PhD, University of Arizona-(Founding Board Member)

  • Laurie Lawrence, PhD, University of Kentucky-(Founding Board Member)

  • Camie Heleski, PhD, Michigan State University-(Founding Board Member)

  • Tim Capps, University of Louisville-(Founding Board Member)

  • Carol Buckhout, MPS, Cazenovia College-(Founding Board Member)

  • Shannon Moreaux, DVM, Montana State University

  • Katrina Merkies, PhD, University of Guelph, CAN

  • Kari Turner, PhD, University of Georgia

  • Jeff Pendergraft, PhD, Pendergraft Associates (2014)

  • Judy Downer, PhD, College of Central Florida (2014)

  • Janice Holland, PhD, Midway College (2016)

  • Lynn Taylor, PhD, Centenary University (2016)

  • Lee Wood, MS, Southern Utah University (2019)

  • Kim Guay, PhD, Tarleton State University (2018)

  • Shea Porr, PhD, Murray State University (2020)

  • Debra Powell, PhD, PECTS in Nelsonville, OH (2020)

  • Amy O. Burk, PhD, University of Maryland (2007)-(Founding Board Member)    

Board Chair History: 

  • Karin Bump, PhD - Executive Director and  Board Chair 2007-2018

  • Amy O. Burk, PhD - Board Chair 2018-2021

  • Rebecca Splan, PhD - Board Chair 2021-2023

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