The National Association of Equine Affiliated Academies (NAEAA) is pleased to announce a call for nominations to their Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity for NAEAA members to contribute to the future direction and impact of NAEAA and to the equine academic community as a whole. Board members are expected to participate and take active roles in quarterly conference calls, one face-to-face Board meeting, and one conference each year. Nominations will be reviewed by current NAEAA Board members and appointments made keeping in mind the organizations goals to have a diverse representation of types of equine degrees/discipline/institutions of study as well as geographic location. Self-nominations are encouraged.

A list of current and past Board members can be found on our Leadership page.

Nominations should include the following information about the nominee:

1) Name, institution/affiliation/company, and contact information

2) Geographic region nominee represents

3) Years of NAEAA membership and number of NAEAA annual meetings attended

4) Kind of undergraduate equine offerings or industry connection nominee would represent

5) Interest for serving and/or what contributions the nominee would like to make to NAEAA 


All nominations should be submitted in writing to Dr. Amy Burk at no later than Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 5pm EST.