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The purpose of the book club is to create discussions surrounding best practices for teaching and learning in our discipline. Participants will be able to hear from other equine faculty and network through this professional development opportunity.

Next book starting June 9th, 2022

Thursdays at 1 pm Eastern.

Grey Parks and Jessica Bedore are co-leading this book!


If you have questions, contact Grey Parks or Jessica Bedore directly.

Past books

The first book we tackled was "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning" by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel.


A few of the questions we asked about this book were:

  1. Are you already applying these concepts in your teaching? If so, how?

  2. How do you teach students about learning?

  3. What misconceptions about teaching/learning have created roadblocks for your students? How can these be overcome?

  4. What is the role of assessment in learning?

Date              Time                   Chapter 
7/5/2021        1 pm Eastern     1 Learning Is Misunderstood
7/12/2021      1 pm Eastern     2 To Learn, Retrieve
7/19/2021      1 pm Eastern     3 Mix Up Your Practice
7/26/2021      1 pm Eastern     4 Embrace Difficulties
8/2/2021        1 pm Eastern     5 Avoid Illusions of Knowing
8/9/2021        1 pm Eastern     6 Get Beyond Learning Styles
8/16/2021      1 pm Eastern     7 Increase Your Abilities
8/23/2021      1 pm Eastern     8 Make It Stick

The report is housed in our members only Facebook group's files.

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